Transforming Guest Experience and Efficiency
in Gaming

with LUCI Enterprise Multimedia
In the competitive gaming and hospitality industry, leaders continually seek ways to enhance guest experiences while optimizing operational efficiencies. By partnering with LUCI, a leader in enterprise multimedia solutions, our clients have been able to revolutionize their casino environments at multiple locations, leveraging existing infrastructure to achieve
remarkable improvements.


Before the implementation of LUCI, our clients faced a range of significant obstacles. One of the primary challenges was enhancing guest engagement. They needed to create captivating and immersive environments that would elevate the overall guest experience.

Operational efficiency was compromised as casino staff struggled to manage numerous disparate systems, which significantly increased their workload and hampered overall efficiency. Fragmented communication channels frequently delayed critical updates and disrupted the consistency of messaging. The absence of a centralized content management platform led to redundant efforts in content creation, distribution, and deployment, which in turn increased costs and caused delays.


The introduction of an advanced management platform provided multiple benefits:

Enhanced Guest Engagement

High-definition displays, dynamic lighting, and immersive sound systems were strategically placed to engage guests, heightening their entertainment experience.

Personalized Content

Leveraging digital signage to deliver personalized content, from promotions to event notifications, boosted participation in casino activities.

Operational Efficiency

Removed the pain points with a single platform for managing all AV components, streamlining operations, reducing staff workload, and allowing for quick and simple adjustments to content and settings.

Scalability and Security

The scalability of our systems accommodated the dynamic needs of a growing casino environment, while robust security features such as encrypted data transmission and integrated surveillance protected sensitive information and mitigated cybersecurity risks.

Data-Driven Insights

Real-time analytics on guest behavior informed data-driven decision-making, enhancing marketing strategies and guest services.


The deployment of the LUCI Enterprise Multimedia System has led to substantial improvements across several areas. The system enhanced guest satisfaction by offering personalized content and advanced multimedia features, elevating the overall guest experience and increasing loyalty. Its automation and centralized management features enabled quicker deployments, allowing staff to focus more on guest services rather than routine tasks, which boosted operational productivity and improved staff morale.

Although the initial investment in this IT-based AV solution was higher than outdated analog systems, the long-term savings from reduced maintenance costs and fewer upgrades provided a strong return on investment, proving its cost efficiency.


Starting in mid-2023, LUCI began collaborating with Boyd corporate management across departments including Audio-Video, Marketing, Procurement, Design and Construction, and IT. This partnership focused on strategizing the consolidation of standards for unified enterprise-wide multimedia systems, utilizing a phased plan developed by LUCI. Within three months, Boyd Gaming and LUCI crafted a strategy and IT architecture for consolidated network distribution, along with LUCI's innovative software for end-user operations. Since then, LUCI has been closely working with the prioritized properties, undertaking retrofits, upgrades, and migrations, moving beyond the traditional integration methods that rely on segregated networks, proprietary hardware, and local specialists.

Launched budget-compliant audio solutions, then expanded to include video, enhancing multimedia capabilities

Standardized operations across all properties, boosting efficiency and streamlining management

Focused on a property-specific roadmap to seamlessly integrate a cost-effective enterprise solution


Caesars Design and Construction enlisted LUCI's expertise for a collaboration with their Corporate Guest Technology Department and integration partner, to develop a cohesive strategy for installing and streamlining multimedia systems across Casino brands and Caesars Digital Sportsbook properties. LUCI provided complementary services, leveraging combined resources and expertise to deliver tailored solutions to meet Caesars' specific needs. Recognizing the importance of flexibility and client preference, LUCI established a reseller program, enabling seamless collaboration with client-preferred partners. This program ensures maintained service levels while offering education and support to all involved, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where expertise is shared and solutions are optimized for LUCI partners.

Transitioned from individual to all-property sportsbook installations, enhancing accessibility and uniformity across locations

Leveraged the global recognition of the Caesars brand to strengthen market presence

Coordinated with onsite integrators to ensure seamless technology integration


In 2020, LUCI partnered with a digital signage provider to respond to an RFP aimed at upgrading the digital signage and television content distribution system of their flagship properties. LUCI not only addressed their distribution needs but also integrated an interface for operations teams to manage the environment, including audio and lighting controls. Their initial response? "Too good to be true." LUCI was quickly selected and collaborated with ownership teams to utilize existing hardware and network infrastructure while planning for future expansions of the extensive project. Now, with over 600 displays and 200 audio zones under a single platform, LUCI has set the standard across all Choctaw Casino properties, continuously enhancing features for true multimedia system automation.

Enabled employees on initial installs to independently manage future installations

Started with video installations, leading to a subsequent appreciation and integration of audio solutions

Scaled solutions from flagship to smaller and then to new properties, enhancing property-wide cohesion


In 2015, LUCI began working with the Osage executive team via an architectural firm, quickly establishing a lasting partnership. LUCI expanded its services to all Osage properties in Oklahoma, including new constructions. LUCI has provided comprehensive design and consulting, efficient project management, and has functioned as an owner’s representative. This role streamlined multimedia systems by eliminating third-party integrators and reducing costs. LUCI's support extends beyond initial setup to ongoing maintenance, enhancing the IT department's capabilities. This approach ensures seamless system integration and fosters a strong partnership that delivers tailored solutions for Osage's unique needs.

Provided design assistance for new venues and properties, facilitating tailored and effective setups

Extended solutions from flagship to smaller properties, ensuring each new venue meets opening expectations efficiently

Empowered Marketing to communicate more effectively with a broader audience through enhanced messaging capabilities

Implementing the LUCI Enterprise Multimedia System has not only streamlined processes and enhanced guest experiences, but also established our clients as innovators in the gaming and hospitality industry.

The integration of immersive environments and personalized content delivery, combined with centralized management, has transformed operations and strengthened the casino’s brand image. With LUCI, you can finally deliver the content and experiences needed to exceed all guest expectations. These premier gaming and hospitality clients exemplify the transformative power of our multimedia solutions in driving business success and enhancing guest satisfaction in a highly competitive market.

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